Worship Center, True Worship

I bow to God and offer Him True Worship. How I love to magnify the Precious name of Jesus. How I love to worship you in spirit and truth. You thrive on true worship. How you wrap me in your warm loving arms. You bless my soul when my heart is heavy. When the things in my life don’t seem to go as well as I had hoped. Every chance I get I cry out to you because you are my friend. No greater friend than a friend lay down His life. That’s love! When I cannot lean on anyone else, I can lean on you. My way maker, my burden bearer, and my heavy load sharer. I lift my praises to you, and you alone, Jesus. When I ask myself who can I turn to? I remind myself, I turn to the ROCK. Come for True Worship!

I will be ever so grateful for my wonderful husband, my beautiful daughter, and most of all my three grandsons Tyler, Mark and Chase. I continue to thank you for your continued blessings over them, the protection day by day. Thank you God! Thank you! Oh how I love your name Jesus. You show me renewed grace and mercy each and every day. You allow me to see another day that was not promised to me, and I thank you. My faith and love is greater and greater in you. Teach me your ways Lord, that I might be found doing your will. I ask you God, to throw your weight around, bless your people near and far. The sick, the brokenhearted, touch the depressed, the batter and bruised. Heal the land God, as only you can do. Move on our behalf now God.

The world needs you now! I give my life to you, total body and spirit. Blessed be the name of the Lord forever more. Blessed be the rock of my salvation. I cry Holy Holy Holy!!! I encourage you my readers to take a moment to have true worship with God, who is the Captain of our Salvation, the one who is our ever living Redeemer, the son of man, the Righteousness of God, our Hope, a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night, our judge and law giver, and our trusted prophet, the Prince of Peace, a faithful husband forever married to the backslider. you are Liberty, setting us free. Our coming King! Thank you God! Thank you!  I give you total praise!  Anita

“Be Still And Know” Music By Dappy