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A to do list before you travel

Things to do before you travel

Here is an important list of things a lot of people forget to do before they travel. However, before you continue I would like to emphasize that it is never too early to plan your trip; the earlier you prepare for your trip, the less likely you will leave some stones unturned.

Your travel or holiday preparation goes far beyond Airfare, or hotel accommodations or even rental cars. Although they are the key ingredient, you need to settle before traveling, they are just the beginning of the travel planning process.

Furthermore, there are some essential tasks you need to take care of if you want to enjoy your trip. These include finance management, researching activities at your destination, and also putting your home in order. Do you want to enjoy a stress-free trip? Then check out the list below:

Get a house sitter or contact the kennel
One of the mistakes most people make is leaving the house unguarded or not getting a dog sitter/ contacting the kennel for their pet(s). Getting a house sitter should be your first move once you have the travel date.
If you have pets and do not intend on taking them on the trip, it is wise to contact your pet kennel to guarantee availability. Moreover, it is wise to settle with your house sitter or pet kennel before booking. Trust me; you do not want to leave your house or pet without supervision.

Clear the desk
Clearing the desk means to fix the stop orders, and take care of the advance payments before traveling. Immediately after your trip is booked, it is necessary to place the “stop” orders such as newspapers, house cleaners, postal mail, etc. on any reoccurring deliveries or services. However, if you want any service to continue, consider paying in advance if it is not your standard plan.

Take Care of Your Cash Flow
Ensure to hit your bank before leaving for your trip if you are traveling within the states. It prevents you from arriving short on cash, or having to search for an ATM.
Also, you will save on ATM charges, if you cannot find your particular  bank. Before leaving, go to your bank’s websites and locate any available ATM stands closer to your destination to avoid using other bank’s ATMs.

For those traveling overseas, you can select an economical option by visiting an ATM as soon as you arrive at your destination and then make a withdrawal in the local currency. To ensure a smooth dealing, and prevent being stranded, surf the airport’s website where you will be arriving to locate an ATM you can use. Moreover, most international airports have several ATMs, but there is no guarantee that there will be one functional ATM if you are flying to a small airport in a developing country.

In these cases, you may want to purchase some local currency ahead of time. For more details, see ATMs Abroad.
To avoid embarrassing situations, inform your Credit Card Company or bank about your travel plans because they may interfere with the new spending patterns as credit card fraud. Failure to notify your bank or credit card company may lead to your account being locked.

Pack Your Hands-Free Device
First of all, you need a carry-on bag to pack your hands-free devices. Then ensure you know the various local laws governing the use of cell phone while driving to avoid being stopped by the local police.
Furthermore, you can always get Bluetooth device or earpiece that enables you to keep both hands on the steering wheel.

Plan Your First Day

The first day can be overwhelming due to unfamiliar environments, which might make you miss out on your first-day experience in a new city. Plan your first day; get your things to a resting place, and then figure out where you are, which attractions are close by and how to maximize the limited time.

You can also draft out a walk near your hotel or place of resting; it will help you get oriented and shake off travel fatigue. Do not forget to check out nearby amenities such as a heated pool for relaxation at the end of the day, a rooftop lounge or a balcony with a beautiful view.

Plan Your Last Day
Before embarking on a trip, it is necessary to plan your first day as well as your day in the city. If you must, write a to-do list; ensure you fill out all the things you must do such as getting your car keys, house keys, cash for tolls or taxi, traveling documents, phone chip, etc. it is easy to forget all these things during the last day of your stay, but checking the to-do list will keep you focus.

Always Do a Web Search for Your Hobbies at Your Destination
Before choosing a place to spend your vacation, make sure your preferred choice offers your hobbies, or at least provide other fun activities, you would love to try out.
Go the extra mile by conducting a little research on your favorite hobbies; you may be surprised by the things you can do in the destination.

Do not forget to check the Weather
The weather, no matter how inconsequential you think it is, determines if you will enjoy your vacation or not. It is an essential factor that will affect your trip, and one of the many things people take for granted. If you do not want to be unhappy and soggy, check your weather forecast before booking for the trip.

Check the Local Entertainment Listings
Checking the local entertainment listings is necessary if you do not want to have limited entertainment options. Some cities have weekly entertainment that includes tons of destinations around the world.
These are great sources for entertainment listings, reviews, etc. it is wise to check these when planning your trip so that you can book or make reservations, buy advance tickets where necessary, and more.
Moreover, you can always check the local tourist board, the website often has an event calendar where you check out the line up or upcoming events during your stay.

Check Public Transit Maps
A little research online before you leave will not only enable you to check for fares and print transit maps; it will also allow you to plan your itinerary too.
There are sometimes you do not feel like driving yourself, neither do you want to walk the short distance, knowing the public transit maps will make things easy for you.


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