Abraham ‘s Covenant With God

Abraham’s Covenant

Many exciting mysteries have been revealed to me, and in the book “Abram and Abraham, Two Different Covenants” I have expressed all that I have been given by God up to this point concerning Covenants of God with Abram, and Abraham!

The focus of this article is on the fact that there was two separate Covenants made with the same man whom we call – Abraham the father of our faith. Most people think there was only one Covenant made between God and this man. Actually, one Covenant was made with the man called Abram, and a second Covenant was made with this same man, but his name was called Abraham!

1st Covenant

The 1st Covenant reveals the fact that Abram is the forefather of Ishmael’s descendants, while Abraham is the forefather of Isaac’s descendants. This information may not seem to be very important to Christians at the current time, but to the Israelis and Palestinians – it is fundamentally very important!

Today’s descendants of Ishmael considers “Abraham” to be their forefather, but because of the circumstances between God’s Covenant with Abram, and God’s latter Covenant with Abraham, Abraham is not the forefather of Ishmael’s descendants. Primarily because of the following two reasons:

(1) The Covenant that was originally made between God and Abram was passed down to Ishmael and his descendants, without a specific promise being intact. (The promise will be discussed in future articles.)

(2) Ishmael and his bloodline descendants were not of the promise that flowed from Abraham to Jesus.

Therefore, Abram is the forefather of Ishmael’s descendants, and Abraham is the forefather of Isaac’s descendants. Hence, two different Covenants!

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