Fix Fatigue by Dr. Theodore Diktaban


Thousands of lives are being changed thanks to a brand new health discovery revealed in a talk recently given by Dr. Theodore Diktaban.
Dr. Diktaban, a double-board certified surgeon and anti-aging expert with more than 30 years of experience working with everyday and celebrity clients alike, has appeared on major television programs such as The Dr. Oz Show, and is regularly featured in The New York Times as one of the nation’s “super doctors”.
In his eye-opening discussion, he let folks in on a surprisingly simple (but effective) secret to targeting the most common issues that Millions of Americans suffer from on a regular basis— especially later in life: not having enough energy, a sluggish metabolism, and feeling foggy and fatigued all the time.
Dr. Diktaban goes on to explain that these issues usually have little to do with age, and are actually a sign of a much bigger potential issue (such as poor thyroid health, excess inflammation, digestive troubles, unstable blood sugar, etc.).
“In order to be able to fix your energy levels, you must first understand this is just a WARNING sign,” noted Diktaban.
Dr. Diktaban’s discovery was inspired from a breakthrough he had after meeting countless patients who struggled with not having the energy and health they desired. He himself previously had similar issues in the past.
“I used to reach for caffeine like everyone else. But it made me anxious, made my heart race, and upset my stomach. I’ve been able to live without the stuff for over three years now.”
The secret to Dr. Diktaban’s breakthrough? “There are certain foods we’re eating on a regular basis that kill your energy levels and degrade your health. If you can avoid them or replace them with foods and nutrients that fight fatigue instead, the results are nothing short of remarkable.”
This focus is what led Dr. Diktaban to help develop the world’s first at-home solution for fighting fatigue and its root causes, and those who have had access to it have reported back with astonishing results.
“It was specifically designed to dramatically improve day-to-day energy levels without the jitters and crashes of caffeine. By targeting the root cause of low energy and fatigue, we’re even seeing improvements in people’s weight, mood, and overall health.”
The science behind the at-home treatment is the first of its kind, and was met with a mix of enthusiasm and curiosity by those attending the talk. Now, Dr. Diktaban and his team have released a fully detailed video presentation, so the general public can see exactly how it works.

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