Getting In Touch With the Inner You

“The unexamined life is not worth living” a dictum credited to the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates being our point of departure, one can rightly say that a study and understanding of one self and nature is the secret to happy living. Individuals often experience stress in their everyday life whether from a hectic time at work or a combination of psychological factors which often lead to depression. An examination of one’s life is however the first step to recovery of a lost self.
Signs That You Are Losing Touch With Your Inner Self
To be able to establish where you are going, it is best to know where you are coming from, as well as how you arrive at your present state. The following are some of the signs to tell that you are losing touch with yourself:
 Anxiety
 Dislike for Oneself
 Spending time or moment on things you don’t feel a sense of connection with.
 Depending on other people opinion to rate your life.
 Blaming others for your problem.
 Inability to make an independent decision yourself.
Steps to Getting Back In Touch With Yourself
To get back to your inner self, stick to these major policies:
 Understand and accept who you really are. Think more highly of yourself and less of who people think you are.
 Develop faith in yourself. Nobody can put you down or make you feel bad without your own consent.
 While changing or doing away with a bad habit, you might have to compromise or give up on some things. Letting go is a better way to create happiness for you. No one can make you happy other than your own self.

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