The Invasion Of The Foreign Object, How I Am Attacked Weekly

Hello dear people, for those of you who don’t know who I am.  My name is Kate, I sometimes submit my stories to Anita, She then decides if she want to present my story to the world.  I hope you enjoy or find it interesting. It blows my mind every time I see one of these foreign creatures.

Today I will share with you my story of the Foreign objects that I sometimes come face to face with.  It seems that more often than not, I have the unfortunate pleasure, of this on going struggle.  I would say every once in a while, I had to endure.  But it seems to  happen more frequently than not.  It appears to show it’s ugly face every two or three days now.

I fight, I struggle, I cannot get it to budge, It fights back.  That’s when I feel like I am losing the battle.  It becomes very big, and powerful.  The size is over whelming!  I hang in there, I refuse to give up; I am not a quitter.  This foreign creature, this monster!  This unusual, virtually in-describable,  very horrible object is the mucus I have just blown out, from either one of my two external openings, of the nasal cavity.

I can now breathe better, the flow of the oxygen from my Concentrator has increased.  I look at this thing! this foreign object in amazement every time I see one.  I think to myself, could it really be? The incredible things that the body does; I can never get used to it. I am attacked weekly.

This is the reality I deal with every few days.  The body does it own thing.  Once you reach a certain point in your life, the body begins to deteriorate.  God forbid, you have other issues such as Sarcoidosis(lung disease), or you are oxygen dependent, and required to  have a breathing treatment twice a day. The mass that comes from my nostrils are completely out of my control. The doctor says it comes with the territory.

I can feel this mass in my upper chambers long before it works it’s way down. I struggle often, because sometimes it hard to get it out. A steamy shower, a breathing treatment,  nasal spray all help, with lots of blowing, which is difficult at times. Because I am oxygen and have to take my cannula off in order to blow; consequently I am not getting any oxygen at that time. It could still take two or three days before I can get a hold on it. But when I do, I  can do my happy little dance, even though I still sit in amazement at this big glob God decided to grace me with.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: Life is funny. The body is a massive mess of it’s own.  But you must take care of this one body God has giving you.  Treat it as if it was the finest Gold, the prettiest Platinum ring you ever seen, or the biggest Diamond in the world.

Think positive, love one another, eat right, drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest, and be well.


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