Perfect Twins

Oh what a joy it is to have twin grandsons. In my eyes the world revolves around them, and yes they do plenty of wrong. As a grandmother as long as they are not hurting themselves or others; nothing else matters. Maybe I should say, they really cannot do any wrong. Okay kidding aside, they are not perfect but the love I have for them, filters all their wrong doings.
Just as we should do with others in our lives. We should love that person so much that no matter how they might say something, we can filter it with love. I am not talking about just being down right ugly, or violent. You know it seems that some folks just don’t think before they speak and it seems as if they need a filter. It’s just their way, and with love, it sees passed the harshness, the bluntness, the boldness.
I believe we are to do that with each other; not be so sensitive.
I loved my high school friend, she understood me. She wasn’t judgmental, she took the time that was needed to develop and see the real me. We were friends for 30 years. No one is perfect, but we strive towards perfection.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: Learn to see deeper than the surface. Be open minded, non-judgmental, and most of all know that people are going to make mistakes, and not always do what is right. But it is up to you to know how much is too much. Otherwise you have to make other decisions. Negativity or abuse cannot live in your life.

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