Surrounded By A Group Of People, But Still Feeling Empty

Have you ever felt so empty.  No matter how many people are around you.  The feeling of being alone, the emptiness can be so over whelming, it’s crazy.  I sat in church one day, and I  felt I needed a hug,  Just as one of the sisters approched me.  She extended a hug, and said “You look like, you could use a hug”.

I was surprised that one could see such a thing.  It had to be God.  He was the only one who knew my heart, my situation, he was the only one who knew I needéd a hug.  I saw God work many times in this manner, every situation different.  But GOD, was still on the throne.  Being mindful of a sinner, saved by grace.  For that I am grateful.  I have truly done my share of sins.  But GOD was faithful and Merciful unto me; for He is to any one, who will believe and receive.

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