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Hey guys, I purchased this Miracle Teeth Whitener, it is a activated Coconut Charcoal Powder from Bed, Bath & Beyond. You dip your toothbrush in the powder, after wetting the toothbrush, and brush for about two minutes.  Rinse and then brush with your regular tooth paste,  rinse again. You are suppose to see instant changes.  Note that it can be a little messy especially when my husband Paul was brushing his teeth.  Your mouth is all black, the powder seem like it had a mind of its own, and was coming out of the bottle like a smoke signal.  It was dripping all down Paul’s chin, but not mines of course; lol.  The instructions say to brush with twice a day, so we are currently working on it. I will let you know.

His 88 year old mother said she didn’t see a difference; it look like the same old yellow.  OMG, I had to laugh.  Old people are the funniest in the world, besides kids.  You can truly expect honesty. Lol…I love it!
Reason why your teeth are yellow;
REASON #1 You’re Getting Older
Your teeth can also start yellowing as a natural part of the aging process. This happens as the strong, white protective coating on teeth, known as enamel, fades over time because of everyday wear and tear on your teeth.
REASON #2 You’re a Smoker
Tobacco products, from cigarettes and pipe smoke, stain teeth. If you consume these products, your teeth will darken over time.
REASON #3 Your Oral Hygiene Is Lacking
When you do not routinely brush, floss and rinse your mouth to remove plaque build-up and tartar, this can hasten the discoloration of your teeth.
REASON #4 You’re on Medication
Certain medications, such as the antibiotics doxycycline and tetracycline, can darken the teeth of children younger than 8 years old. Some antihistamines, drugs for high blood pressure and antipsychotic medications can also stain adult teeth. Go over any such potential side effects of the medications you are currently, or may start taking, with your physician.
REASON #5 You Have an Illness
A less common cause of tooth discoloration can be either a disease that affects enamel, or the treatment of a disease, such as chemotherapy and/or radiation used to treat cancer. In this case, the discoloration is more of a brownish color.
REASON #6 The Yellow Is in Your Genes
It also may be possible that you inherited enamel that is more yellow than that of other people whose genes differ. If you notice your teeth are more yellow than you’d like, you can fix the issue by using any number of whitening strips, toothpastes and LISTERINE® rinses to restore your bright smile.

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