Mediterranean Diet

I have decided to practice a way of life by living according to the Mediterranean diet, to make positive changes in my life for health reasons as well as to be a better looking me.

This is a follow up on the diet situation. I bought food especially for the diet. I hate to tell you this but, my weight is 265 lbs. I am 5 foot 8.  Okay I already know, I am morbidly obese; An individual who is morbidly obese if she or he is 100 pounds over his/her ideal body weight, has a BMI of 40 or more, and experiencing obesity related health issues, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

My daughter walks each morning around the park after dropping the boys off to school. I haven’t started, but intend to start Monday. Yea! Since she walks it only makes sense that I walk with her. She isn’t on the Mediterranean diet but is trying to get rid of the extra baby weight from pregnancy.

Ok so I have an update about my healthier way of living. Eating more vegetables and fruit, fish, chicken, more water. Was a little tough at first, but while grocery shopping. I decided to absolutely not buy any junk foods. Because it’s not in the house it makes it better for me. Once I am in the house, I refused to go out for any thing. Even though beef is my favorite, I am proud to say I don’t tend to miss it as much.

So I have lost 10lbs, I know that’s not a lot, but it’s a process. Since I refuse to walk, I decided to do weights while in the house, and do some jump roping. Although the weight loss is not great, I do feel better.

Americans consume way too much food and African-Americans even more, we put ourselves in a situation where its hard to regain control. We would rather eat whatever and whenever we want, never mindful of the things we put into our bodies. We lack the will power to continue a healthy regimen.

I won’t say all black people eat fried chicken but the mass majority of them, and absolutely refuse to exercise. Sundays are filled with church, out to dinner and home to jump in the bed. Only we can change these horrifying habits we practice or teach our children.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: Now is the time to make a change.

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