In Times Like These…

In times like these, you need an anchor.  Your anchor can be GOD, a support team, whether it’s family, friends, spouse, or your church members.  It is good to know you can walk into the house after a long day at work or school, and know someone special awaits you on the other side of that door.  No judgment, no fussing, but to know you can truly be yourself, someone who gets you.  One who can filter the things you say, because when you say it, they don’t allows come out the way you intended.

To know your hearts concerns, love, fears, doubts, goals, determination and aspirations.  That’s who I have one the other side of that door, and you can have that as well.  Don’t just settle, just to have someone.  My niece said to me one time, “auntie, he said I was acting hard to get” I said, :No niece, you tell him, You are hard to get”.

I would rather be by myself, than to live in turmoil.  I flat out refuse to live like that.  Keep your head up, smile, square your shoulders and keep it moving.  Be happy with yourself.

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