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Greetings everybody! My name is Anita Phifer-Rowe.  I am a 56yr. old African American woman, married to my husband Paul of 29 years. A daughter Courtney, and three beautiful grandsons; Tyler, Mark, and Chase.  I graduated from Pima Medical Institute, then I decided to go to school for Criminal Justice after my daughter graduated high school.

I am a native of Arizona. My parents are deceased, along with two brothers. There was a total of 12 of us kids. I am the tenth child out of 12. Life growing up was similar to a war zone(lol). But we all survived.
I have over come many obstacles and have experiences to share with you. It is my hearts desire to do the will of GOD, and help encourage you to do the same.

In my blog, I hope something is said to help encourage, or lift someone’s spirit. The bible says we are helpers one to another. I am here to help you in any way possible but especially through God’s Word. It took many years to figure out who I was, but through counseling and seeking God’s holy and righteous face I found what I needed, who I am, and what I want. In God all things are possible, when you believe in His word and trust God to make it happen. You are going to be wonderfully grateful, eternally.

This blog is shared by my daughter(Courtney Rowe) and I. We pray that we are able to help you through scriptures, stories, and the love of God. We encourage you to be an active part of our lives through this blog. You are family, and we will continuously pray and love you. Remember to keep us in your prayers as well.

Insight on Encourage Yourself: May the love of God richly abide in you. Read, study and have faith in Gods word, for His word is true.

Be Well!

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