Welcome to all, we hope to see you again and to be able to encourage you through the scriptures

Welcome my friend, You are at the right place, at the right time.

Welcome one and all. It is my desire to lift your spirit, give you words of encouragement while imparting some insight on certain topics you might not be familiar with. Note that my blog is spiritually based concerning the body and soul.

There will be personal stories and testaments of loved ones, as well as myself, regarding health and spiritual experiences. We learn from each other and you are encouraged to share your experiences with us as you please, for we are your friend, and we are your family in Christ beloved.

We encourage you to speak your truth, to encourage others to be better than ever in this life, and never allow pride to keep you from forgiving or seeking forgiveness. Truth and transparency are key elements in becoming a better you.

There will be discussions of many different religions but I believe there is only one true and living God. Know that diversity is necessary. We are melting pot of various beautiful people which will allow us to learn about others and their beliefs, lifestyle, and culture. But we must respect one another if we call ourselves Christians, or call ourselves mature adults.

We are here to encourage you and your friends and family, never to hurt or demonize anyone. We all have a voice to be heard on this platform. In the big scheme of things, we are one in the spirit, and we are one in His love.

Feel free to impart wisdom, leave comments and ask questions, we are willing to be transparent, and are willing to stand in agreement with you in prayer. I am excited you are here! I hope we meet again. Be well, my friend, for you are welcome. To the only wise God our Savior, both power and dominion. Welcome, Anita & Courtney

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Blog 2018
I pray you all are well, I know you might have had some tough situations this year, but God is still on the throne.

In All Things Give Thanks
His ways are not like our ways, and we cannot begin to understand situations, the trials, nor the tribulations we encounter.

God is just and faithful to see us through it all. I know it might hurt now, but we still have plenty to be thankful for. Count your many blessings. You will find that there are countless items to be grateful for.

Courtney and I wanted to take this time to wish you all a very happy thanksgiving, be safe, be wise and most of all remember to pray continuously.

I am currently in Texas with a friend because she went into the hospital, which she spent 11 days. So I wanted to assist her and be by her side while in the hospital because she has no family in Texas.

She’s out now, so we are going to share this time together, during thanksgiving. I am grateful she is doing much better. Please pray for, she has Sarcoidosis and Pulmonary Hypertension.

Most of all, I want you to be blessed, I encourage you to do what is right, refuse to involve yourself with foolishness. Reduce un-necessary family dynamics that create undue stress in your life.

Embrace, love, forgive, rejoice, and most of all, in everything give thanks.

With the love of Christ Jesus! Anita & Courtney Rowe

Encourage Yourself: Read the bible, pray, destress with soothing music, a good book, a massage or a nice hot soak in the tub.


Your Integrity Matters

Integrity is a must, if you fail to show honesty and truth, you are less than trustworthy. You are nothing

Integrity means to do the right thing even when no one is looking. To hold up a standard, to be a cut above the rest. It matters not what others think of you, but ultimately what God sees when he looks at you on judgment day.

Will God say, you worker of iniquity I know you not? or will He be pleased at the choices you have made throughout your spiritual walk with Him?

Many times because people are not looking, we tend to take the lesser road regardless as to what it is. We fail to use our manners, we cut corners on the job, we cheat on our taxes, we tell what we call a little white lie, and we will make excuses for whatever it is we need or want. Regardless of who it hurts or damage.

Integrity is far from our minds when we are in the midst of committing a sin before the eyes of the Almighty God. We could actually care less what others think or feel, as long as it gets us what we want.

It is a sad world we live in today, but the bible is true. Men will be lovers of themselves, rather than showing any concern for our fellow brethren. God is probably anger as He sit high and looks low. As we go about our lives with no thought to the heart of God. No thought to if our Savior is pleased with our actions. The bible states that we will have to give in account for every word or deed we do.

Example: My daughter works for this company, and the person in charge of payroll often alters the timesheets. First by adding extra hours to her friends time, and not giving the proper hours to the ones who actually did their hours. The sad thing is, this young lady has been trusted to be in the office with many important documents. She lacks integrity and honesty, and should be fired, but the boss who we know personally refuses to fire this person because she feels sorry for her.

Why can’t people do the right thing? What is going on in this world? I tell you what it is: the devil is running rampant, he is causing as many as possible to be out of control. His time is running out because Jesus is soon to return, and he is trying to take as many with him as possible.

We must be careful for nothing, the enemy is a trickster and is on his job 24/7. The problem is, we as Christians are not on ours. We must be vigilant, we must fast and pray, we must hold to God’s unchanging hand. Remembering to read our bibles, so that we can know God’s word, which is powerful and true. It is His word that will help you in fighting the attacks of the adversary.

The adversary is our opponent in conflict and dispute, at all times, even until Jesus return! Any little tool he can use against you, he will. Whether it is your lack of integrity, lying, murder, stealing, molestation, slacking on the job, or cursing. Do not be subject to his devices.

County Jail

My night in the county jail was extremely eye opening to say the least. A place I never want to go back to.

Jailhouse Blues
Spending a night in jail for most people can be very upsetting, to say the least. If in your right mind, it is not a place you want to frequent. The humiliation, the cost of fines, and the ultimate shame are all experiences you never tend to forget.

I went to jail one Sunday morning, and boy was it an eye opener. I think I was too angry to even be upset that I was even there. Until they threw my big behind on what seem like the floor, even though I had a cot.

Maybe it was the moment I had to change into my uniform they gave me,. No it wasn’t orange, it was a dirty dingy beige, and a little too tight.

Once I got into my room at 2:30am, and trying my best to get comfortable. It was breakfast time, OMG! it was 5:00am. I was absolutely wigging out. I was so tired, my body was aching, and breakfast was bologna sandwiches and what seem like cornflakes. I was mortified, this is what these poor people eat? I ate my cornflakes and one of the other mates dove in head first for my sandwich. Yuck!!!

Later that morning, my stomach begin to act up, “bubble guts” I call it. I was out done that I had diarrhea, all I could think was really God. I actually have to take a poop in front of all of these ladies. You have to be kidding me? The leader of the bunch told me to hold out, because we were getting a break soon. They will go out the room, and I could use the toilet, man what a blessing that was. To keep the smell down, I had to use and flush, use and flush immediately.

As if things could not be worse, my body odor left little to be desired. I flat out stink, no two ways about it. Lucky me I was able to take a shower, even though I had to put back on the same clothes. It was still a relief.

As far as going to see a judge, for some reason, the judge pushed my time to see him back almost two full weeks. Most people see the judge within 48 hours. I often wondered why he chose to schedule me so far out. But to save me from being in jail so long, my nephew bailed me out. All I had to do was show up for my court appointment. I have to let you know, my nephew was only about 17 years old at the time.

When I got out, I realized just how angry a person I was. I wasn’t any earthly good. I had lots of issues I needed to deal with along with going to Anger Management Classes. But only God could help me, He knew all there was to know about me and how to best deal with the demons, the anger, the bitterness and the lack if God in my life.

I isolated myself, I didn’t have a church, I refuse to associate with people and I hardly went out the house. This went on for about a year, I would only come to walk the dog.

Finally, a young lady invited me to her church. I couldn’t stop the tears as God begin to have His way in my life. But He did it! I gave my life to Jesus again, I repented and released all the hurt and pain, the anger, the depression, the lies, the abuse, the molestation, the bitterness, the hatred, the anxiety, and for some the feeling of suicide.

When I look back at this situation, I can laugh, but please don’t think I am Looney. It seem like the odds were again me, But God! He knows better than we do.

God be with you! In the power of His might and the love God bestows upon you each day. Jesus loves you!

Raising Chickens

The benefits of raising your own chics. How it can be profitableHow I Started Raising Chickens

My final year in the University
My graduation year was around the corner, and I kept asking myself “after school what’s next?” Meanwhile, I just opened a blog, and the goal was to make a passive income. Well, for months I exhausted my savings, and nothing was working. Graduation was finally over, and the next stage was to serve my country for one year; during this process, I started earning some cash for myself through freelance writing. That was when I meant this guy; he was everything that I wanted in a guy; he gave me the attention, and said the things I wanted to hear. He wasn’t working, and I didn’t see it as a problem because I don’t need his money. Whenever he needed help, I was there for him, talked about the future- to cut the story short I was in bliss (so I thought).

A life void of purpose
However, I wasn’t able to save my earnings; it seemed I was moving in circles- work-spend, work and spend again. I was like that for almost two years, and then something terrible happened to my freelance account- money stopped coming, and it was my turn to be in need. I started urging my boyfriend to get a job, while I get something going for myself. Things started going south, I was no longer able to help him with some money, I became uptight, and so was he. I got angry most of the times, and it was reflecting on me.

After the Storm
Things started looking up for me when an old friend of mine, offered me a gig to be his writer- basically, whenever he gets writing gigs, he will outsource it to me; I thanked him, and work started.
I started receiving payments for my services, and I was using the money to pay some bills at home. Although my relationship never sprouted up again, I stopped giving him money whenever he asked, not because I didn’t want to, but because it was not enough to settle my needs.

A sign from Above
God came to my rescue when I finally asked him for help. I was done with school, no job except my freelancing. So I asked, “What should I do?” is this how my life is going to turn out? Working to pay bills? What can I do to live the life you created me to live? Sincerely, I never expected an answer because I was not praying; I was merely talking to myself. The next day, I decided to go for a walk, to get some fresh air that was when the answer came. I saw a little girl with some chickens, I kept staring at the chickens for some minutes, and then I walked back home. I was happy! Finally, something to do with my life!

A purposeful living
I was so full of joy! I checked my account, there was not much in there, but it didn’t bother me. I just believed money for the project will come. I got twenty chicks that year, in August to be précised. Whenever I get paid for my writing service, I will use it to buy chicken feeds. Oh, what a joy to see the chicks turn into healthy chickens! As if God was trying to tell me something, a friend gave me a book- The richest man in Babylon. After reading the book, I realized that I have been wasting God’s blessings. My eyes opened, and I started taking responsibilities primarily in the area of finance; I developed the sense of accountability.
My boyfriend came in one day and saw my farm records, and he said “your birds are taking all your money now” I smiled and replied- they are my investment. A few weeks later we broke up, it was painful, but I was able to get over it.

The festive season came, and people rushed the birds, they gave me positive feedbacks and promised to come back the following year.
Life’s lessons
I learned a lot from what happened to me, and my sincere prayer is for you to get something too from my story.
 First of all, I realized that some things need to happen for you to take the right steps. Losing my job in the first place made me understand that I was wasting my resources.
 Some people need to leave your life before you can move to the next level.
 Secondly, it is not about what you have; it is about what you do with what you have. Looking at my account balance, I never believed I would be able to raise twenty chickens successfully.
 Third lesson: it is never too late to start; okay, the best time to start was yesterday, but the perfect time to start again is NOW.
 Be accountable: the moment I became accountable, money started coming my way. I learned this secret from the RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON
 God cares about you, even when you think you are alone- He showed me what to do, and how to do it.

Last year it was twenty birds, but this year I am raising 100 birds for this festive season. When God is in what you are doing, and you are dedicated to what He has given you to do, growth is inevitable. This is how I started raising chickens.

Prayers Aren’t Effective

Effectual Fervent prayerso of the righteous availeth much.Your lifestyle must be an example of Christ in order to have your prayers answered

Because Of Our Lifestyle Our Prayers Aren’t Effective

For a majority of Christians, the command, – pray without ceasing is literally impossible, but this is, in fact, one of the foundations for making your prayers more effective.
In the past, before technology and social media caught up with us, people used to actually pray and they, of course, saw the results. The disciples routinely locked themselves up for days praying and worshipping, there are records of the early Christians holding prayer meetings which rolled into days and months. How possible is that now? We currently believe our way of life keeps us so busy we rarely have time to do anything else. We now randomly pray, most times ignoring prayers completely till a great need arises. Could our current lifestyle and way of living be affecting how effective our prayers are? The answer to this and more questions plaguing you lies in this article.

Here’s a couple of ways our lifestyle can make our prayers ineffective
1. Indifference Towards the Bible

As a result of our constantly busy schedules and running around, a lot of Christians have over the years turned indifferent towards the Bible. Proverbs says if we turn our ears away from the law, our prayers become an abomination. The law here, of course, refers to the Bible. Over the years, more Christians have turned more to Godly books for answers and less to the Bible. While reading books help us grow, they should in no way replace the Bible. If you have little or no interest in the Bible, your prayers will not be as effective.
God requires that when praying, we ask according to His will, how then do you know the will of God if all you do is read books but not The Book. Not having adequate knowledge of the Bible and God’s wishes and promises is the primary reason for ineffective prayers.

A lot of times, the answer to our prayers already lie in the chapters of the Bible but we do not know this because we have grown indifferent to studying the Bible. All we want to do is make requests all of the time, without bothering to find out what the Bible says about our prayers.

Getting a good grasp of the Bible will increase the effectiveness of your prayers.

2. Lack of Faith
Having a faithless lifestyle is really terrible and hinders prayers. Lack of faith is top of the reasons a Christian’s prayers are ineffective. Faith is the driving force of prayer, without faith, prayer has no power. Remember when Jesus went to Nazareth? The people did not believe him because they had seen him grow, they knew he was the carpenter’s son and so did not have faith. It was recorded that Jesus could do nothing there in Nazareth, this is Jesus we are talking about here. His prayers couldn’t work, He could not work without faith. James says anyone who does not have faith should not expect to receive anything from God. Faith is the basis on which prayer is built on; asking and knowing you have an answer even without seeing physical evidence. Ineffective prayer happens when you don’t believe in what you are praying for. So don’t let doubt and fear get the better part of your prayers. Build your lifestyle on faith and belief and watch your prayers become more effective.

3. Un-confessed Sin
This is another major reason for ineffective prayers. A lot of people start praying and just jump right into asking and requesting. They comfortably forget that the Bible says in Psalm that if you have any wickedness in your heart, God will not hear. Wickedness here is talking about un-confessed sins. God cannot stand sin, so when you pray while still harboring sins in your heart, your prayers will be ineffective.
More than half the time, people who pray just go straight to asking, without confessing their sins. And just before you say you are sinless, John says if you say you have no sin, you are only fooling yourself.
God cannot tolerate sin, so when we pray with sin still in our heart, it makes our prayers ineffective. Once we confess our sins, however, we are forgiven and our prayers become effective again.

4. Disobedience
To sustain a relationship with God, and build an effective prayer life obedience is key. It is not enough to read your bible, confess sins and have faith. You must be ready to prove by your actions that you are a Christian. Obeying God is how you show the physical aspect of your faith. You definitely can’t be believing one thing and contradicting your beliefs by your action. Disobedience stands in the way of effective prayers.

5. Lack of Forgiveness
This is a prime obstacle to effective prayers. Quite, unfortunately, we live in times where quarrels and rifts abound. However, you must be careful to not hold a grudge, why? Let’s see what Matthew 6:14 says:
“For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”
Forgiving and being forgiven are like Siamese twins; inseparable. Holding a grudge makes you bitter, and clouds your heart. You, of course, cannot pray effectively when your heart is heavy and filled with lack of forgiveness.

For your prayers to be effective you must let go of your unforgiving lifestyle and step into the light of forgiveness. It might seem like a difficult thing to do but once you take the step, you find your prayers become more effective.

In truth, praying without ceasing is very possible, it is, in fact, one of the basis for building an effective prayer life. Get a bible and praying schedule and stick to it. With a little effort, patience and faith your prayers will become not just effective but praying will be your new favorite thing to do.

Botham Shem Jean-Murder In Dallas

Botham Shem Jean- Murder in Dallas

Murder In Dallas- Botham Shem Jean
(The Dead Can’t Speak)

The cold hands of death swept across the apartment of Botham Shem Jean, a 26 years old African American who analyzed risk for a living at a global auditing firm. What he failed to analyzed was the risk of living close to a police officer and one block away from the Dallas Police Department headquarters.

According to the New York Times, Botham texted his sister in the evening of his demise that he was watching a football game on TV; the Eagles versus the Falcons to be précised. He also texted a friend, apologizing for not going out with her the weekend before.

A brief history of Botham Shem Jean
Mr. Jean was from the island-nation of St Lucia; he is described as a fun-loving and ever smiling guy who was a big eater. He won a meat-lovers’ contest at Big Chef Steak House in the Caribbean, which he still had his free meal ticket on his next visit- a prize he won for eating a two-pound steak in one sitting. But an avoidable death stopped him from enjoying his prized meals, and the rest of his glorious life. He lived in unit 1478 on the fourth floor of the South Side Flats apartment complex.

Death came knocking
On the 6 of September 2018, just three weeks away from his 27th birthday, a white off-duty police officer by the name Officer Amber R. Guyger who lived in Unit 1378, an apartment directly below Mr. Jean entered Botham’s room and snatched his life. She claimed it was a mistake- taking the wrong backpack to school is a mistake, mistaking another person’s pen is classified as a mistake, but barging into someone else’s door, having the time pull the trigger, not once but twice cannot be taken as a mistake.

Officer Amber a 30 years old police officer thought Botham was an intruder, so she fired her service weapon twice, striking him once in the torso. Young Botham was later pronounced dead at a hospital. This incident has angered the people of Dallas and beyond; it is a mystery, yet to be solved. Just like several white cops killing innocent black people and quickly hide under the “mistaken identity umbrella” Amber was no different, she insisted it was a mistake, and there was nothing else. Even the deaf and the blind can tell that the police officer’s story is far from the truth.

Nowhere is safe when you are black
The racial profiling of black men and women by the white police officers has cut short the lives of promising black men and women, also, it has put a huge vacuum in the lives of their young ones. One disturbing fact is how these white cops go court free because they cannot do any wrong. No one is safe, not even in the comfort of their homes.

Furthermore, the fatal shootings have become the latest and most bizarre, confrontation between unarmed black man and a white officer according to the New York Times. Dallas is a city with an age-long history of racial divisions, and the avoidable death of Botham and the silly excuse made by Officer Amber has heightened tensions.

The System and its double standard
Over the years, the world has seen how the police department protects their own from the wrath of justice. They waste no time in prosecuting blacks whenever they err but sweep everything under the carpet when one of their own does a despicable thing. They take advantage of the fact that the dead cannot speak.

For how long will black mothers weep over their sons and daughters? Will the Blacks ever be free from unruly behaviors of white people with guns?

Police brutality- a rising plague in the society
Police brutality is disgracefully increasing by the day, and it is not a topic or thing we should overlook; it has been causing mayhem to the society especially in the African American community. It goes to show how insensitive those in charge of protecting us can be. Besides, what can we do when the protectors have turned to bullies, inflicting pain on a defenseless public, and give silly excuses like “it was a mistake?” lives are being lost, and those meant to protect us, turn blind eyes to it?

Furthermore, the United States of America is known and respected for her transparency and justice, fight for freedom, etc. most countries if not all, are looking up to this country. It will be a big shame on our part if we create bad examples. Examples such as the Botham Shem Jean and Officer Amber situation can, and will ruin the image, which our founding fathers have fought to build and uphold.

We all need not let this one slide; this act shows how rotten the system has become. Officer Amber and other cops who have taken innocent lives, yet cowardly hide under the “mistaken identity” umbrella should be brought to justice! Every life matters, including the blacks!

First of all, a police officer aiming at a harmless citizen, in his own apartment without waiting for a minute to hear who the “intruder” actually was, is devilish! You can’t just fire randomly all because you “thought” someone barged into your house. Officer Amber shot to kill; she didn’t bother going for a less sensitive part of the body- no, she gave a kill-shot instead.

Secondly, after the despicable attitude shown by the cop, the department, as usual, is trying to protect one of their own (Amber) by planning what excuse to give to the public, they forget the fact that they are there to serve and protect the people whether black, white, Asian, and also bring to justice whoever the offender is. This got to prove that the police aren’t protecting the defenseless public, but themselves- they have turned themselves into mini-gods. The hatred towards the blacks is now uncontrollable; the worse thing these folks do is to paint the dead evil, as the offenders because the dead can’t speak.

“Justice must prevail” is a slogan that is gradually turning to a mirage in this country. We can’t just sit and watch this beloved country turned into a lawless state. The law is meant for everybody and not only the blacks.

I Give You Praise!

Giving God praise is all I desire to do.
It is you Oh Lord, I give my praise to. I honor, I glorify and I love you enough and recognize you alone are God. Total praise to the only wise God our Savior, who made heaven and earth. The God who allows this earth to sit on it’s  axle, suspended in the atmosphere. We sit in awe of you! The splendor of God’s glory magnifies itself on a daily basis. See the beauty of His holiness and His wondrous works. I give you praise, Lord. I give you praise. For there is none like you in all thee earth. I give you praise. You see beyond my faults. You are a God of second chances. So I continue to move upwards and forwards because of your unfailing love. For that, I  give you praise. To the only wise God our Savior,  both glory and honor, dominion and power. Listed below are the words to this beautiful song. Enjoy! I give You praise (2×) Oh my Lord I give You praise With all my heart With all my soul I give You praise (2×) Oh Holy Lamb Oh precious Lamb So much I owe To You oh Lord You sacrificed Your life for me I give You praise (2×) I will rejoice And I will sing Holy holy Oh precious King In You there’s Joy In You there’s peace Almighty savior My soul loves Thee
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Oh the wonders of God, and the beautiful music we have to assist us in total worship. To the only wise God our Savior. Both power and dominion. Oh how we love Him, because He first loved us. We lift up your most precious and Holy name, we magnify you, and you alone. We give you honor and praise, we lift up holy hands in awe of you, and the mercies that are new everyday.

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